Saturday, March 21, 2009

That's how we roll

"If you don't have a dog, ya hunt with a cat."-Vance Deniston
Back in New Mexico and Colorado, people took it upon themselves to adapt their vehicles to the surrounding terrain, hence, these two fine examples. The Lincoln Mark III was 'living' across the street from me when I lived by the airport. The Firebird was seen in the area of Silverton, Colorado. Low-rider, schmo-rider, give me a homemade 4-wheel drive any day. Good job boys.


  1. I remember the Lincoln. It used to be parked at a boy shop on Menaul and had a license plate that said "High Style." I loved that car.

    I always wanted to get an old Mustang slapped onto a 4wd chassis.

    Of course, I'd also kill for the old Chevy Impala lowrider featured in Cheech and Chong's first movie.

  2. I think the most outrageous car I saw in Abq. belonged to Roscos wife, a VW beetle with a v-8. Rosco owned an upholstery shop on San Pedro called "Stitches" and he did all the fabrication, wild. Rosco also ended up with my cousins KZ 900 after Bill wrecked. Rosco was dropping off two motorcycle seats that he had done for me and saw Bills bike in the garage, the deal was done. I never wanted to see that bike again and we traded the bike for the two seat recover job. I saw Rosco a week later riding the bike, he covered the tank and fenders in vinyl.


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