Friday, March 26, 2010

Trucks We Wanted

Over the year and a quarter since we started this blog, Vance and I have posted many of the old cars and trucks we've owned -- or currently owned. But this here is a truck that I think we could both honestly say we'd love to own. Certainly, with age, we're smart enough to know that it couldn't be our primary vehicle. This stepside Jimmy is more of a "statement" truck*.Taoseno Jimmy2 (Click Photo to see the big picture.)
Dig the faded red primer finish, handbuilt wooden bed rack, original chrome -- including moon hubcaps, Split front windscreen, half a ton of Bondo, and (though you can't quite see it) a 1970s vintage "Jesus is the way" window decal. This beauty was spotted at the Earthship community in Taos, NM and fit in quite nicely with the spirit of the place.

*The statement is that "I'm a hippie and blow a lot of dope."


Oh yes, the 'ol Blow yourself up ads. Seen in the back of every magazine in the late 60's and all through the 70's. I actually tried this service once and recieved my photo back in the cardboard tube. It was prehaps the grainest, poorly done thing I had ever seen. But, I did splurge for the 3x4' size and I'm sure that was a stretch. I think I sent a photo of me on my "banana seat" Stingray bicycle going off a jump.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Moonpie Abides, dude...........

Moonpie submits for your consideration, The Dude. I don't know about you, but I feel alittle better knowing guys like the Dude are out there...
....I have no idea why I posted this. I say good-day.

Remember having a film camera?

In 1976, I had a photography class in High School where we would develop and print our photographs. Yes, with 35mm film, developer and toner. Dark-rooms, enlargers and the works. Plus, the teacher, Ms. Carpenter was cool. (see previous Moonpie posts) Who else would tell you, "go take pictures and come back when class is over." Off campus we would drive to the "boxcar" and hang out and then return with 1 minute to go before class was over. I miss the smell of the chemicals, the photo paper and I guess going into the 'darkroom' just made me feel different in school.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Just in time for Passover!!

They're back again. Official Moonpie Chronicles Online "Moses Vance" T-shirts. We can pretty much guarantee that you'll be the only person in town that has one of these babies.

11th season of Dancing With the Stars...

Rick and I were professional dancers on the Duffeys Tavern Dance Troupe in 1977 right out of High school. Forget for a moment that I went to Colorado Institute of Art and Rick was serving in the Army that year. None the less, we worked long hours in the studio and started teaching new students. After one year, we formed a team call "The Rick and Vance and a chick with a stinky bandage around her foot Trio". Oh, the fun we had. But, like all good times, they came to a screaching halt after only 4 months. The chick OD'ed on Oxy's because she said she was too fat, Rick sold his Duffeys jersey on E-bay and I signed a multi-million dollar deal with the NBA selling black and red sneekers. All this, 10 years before Oxy's, E-bay and Black and Red Air Jordons were invented!

I still have my white dancing knickers.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Don't try this at home

What more needs to be said. If you are a dwarf, don't jump on a trampoline within 20 miles of a yawning hippo. For the love of God man!

Rick's always showing off....

Rick had a habit of showing off on his bicycle in order to 'get' chicks in High School. Oh, Rick would do the most amazing stunts and wheelies and shit...I got so sick of watching him get all the girls.
So, on night I went to the field where rick would do all of his stunts in front of the girls and I dug a small trench and filled it with super glue. At 2:45 pm the next afternoon, all the chicks were laying on the grass to watch Rick do 'his thing'. Rick was going about 20 mph when his bikes front tire found the small ditch I had dug.......enough said.
I laughed for a week. Oh, sorry about that Rick.