Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jobs we have today...

Working in the Washington, DC area has some cool perks. Crawling all over the Monuments on the Mall and parking damn near anyplace you want comes to mind. Then, there are those days in August that are so friggin' hot that it just isn't fun. Today was one of those days. We had installed 200 trees for the Smithsonian at the National Zoo in December 2009, and now they wanted a map of where the trees are located. So the foreman and I walked the Zoo for 4 hours documenting the condition and locations of all the trees. You can tell by the sweat under my man-boobs that this day kicked my ass. I wanted to jump in this fountain, I didn't care WHAT was living in there!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Billy the Kid...

Did you ever do all the wrong things for the right reason?
Did you ever have friends that would do all those things with you?

Did you ever appeal to the highest authority that you could think of?

Did your deeds ever end in a way that you could never imagine?
Good. That would mean only one thing, you lived life on your terms. Some would call you an outlaw, others a hero. It doesn't matter if you are a flight attendant on Sky Blue or Billy the Kid......at least you did it your way.

Bikes and cars we had...

I bought a Suzuki for $700.00 that had been wrecked by some dude and his mother said, "get it outta here." The friggin' thing was a screamer!
Ben Zimmerman had a Mini, (a real one) and on occasion he would throw me the keys and said, "see ya later." Too much fun for a dude like me.....a wonder I never wreaked this car.

And Jones returned from the Navy, driving from San Diego to Albuquerque in a MG (not the MGB you see here) and promptly blew two transmissions and abandoned the car. Amazing the number of cars and bikes you go through in your life and most are simply forgotten. Not our rides.