Saturday, January 3, 2009

Deniston Speaks

If I had known this would be happening now, I would have paid more attention during "Film crit." class. Did Jon Voight really have a daughter who turned out to be an ugly chick with too much money?

Pepe LaDouche

This is the other co-founder, me, Rick Raab-Faber. A third member - one credited with the plan according to some, is a certain "Pissant," a man so high up in the American Aviation industry that I can't even hint at his name... ah, fuck it. It's Martin Maskill. I've got a pic of him somewhere that I'll post soon.

Yay-hoo #1

This is the cofounder of the whole endeavor, Mr. Vijay Singh! Formerly Miss Wyoming. Formerly Vance Deniston.

A lifelong reality becomes a dream

"Want to buy a cookie?"
~ The German Guy who owned The Donut Shoppe

It's here. Finally technology and fate are making the famous Moonpie Chronicles available to the world. With all new "Where are they now?" segments and shit like that.