Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas...

Hoping everyone has a great Christmas from the East coast Moonpie staff, (that would be Vance). Rick also hopes that everyone everyone West of the Mississippi river has a great time as well.* What a friggin year....I've never been so broke in all my life. Thankfully, money isn't everything, (sure, we believe you), and I plan on having a great December and super New Year. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by for a look and a laugh. The Moonpie Chronicles is in for some changes in 2011. We have no idea what that could be....perhaps a return to the Moonpies humble beginnings. Maybe we'll give away a new BMW or Mini Cooper, maybe not. Just stay tuned and again, thanks. Peace.

* I have no idea what Rick thinks....just typing out loud.

I totally concur with what Vance said. (RIck) Also my eyeballs are bleeding from not nearly enough sleep.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Know your dogs

I'm rather fond of dogs, you know. Especially labs. There's just something about their lovable easy-going nature -- for the most part.

I never really knew the difference in the different types before -- and I'm assuming, neither did you. So as a public service, I'm presenting this handy chart for you to tell them apart.

What mushrooms did she eat video fixed

Let's try that again. This one has acar commercial at the beginning, but otherwise seems intact