Saturday, November 21, 2009

2500 vistors and counting...

The accounting firm of Skipjack and Paddywhack has just informed the Moonpie staff that they have now gone over 2500 visitors to the "Pie". Vance was notified at work and said, "this is a dream come true. I never would have dreamed that two balding, pot bellied guys could attract the masses." Rick was unavailable for comment, a spokesperson said something about a sorority bash. Martin and Jones have not been reached for comment at this time. Vance continues, "This all started as something for Rick and I to pass the time, but now we must ramp this puppy up a notch or two. We have an obligation to make people smile at themselves."

"I check into Moonpie just before I go to bed every night." - L.L. Cool Jay

" I laugh my ass off reading this shit." -Prince Charles

"I read everything." - Sarah Palin

Hey, we are just having some fun in a goofy world, stay tuned and thanks for looking in on us.

Peace- the Moonpie Staff.


Some of you may remember last year I told
how Rick and I had worked on a dairy farm
in Belen, New Mexico for a year disguised as
women. We just had to lay low for a while.
Well, all these years later I find out that Rick
is up to his old tricks again. Posing as a college
co-ed, Rick managed to bluff his way into a R.A.
position at the all girl dormitory.

Rick, seen here (wearing the same t-shirt from
27 years ago. Rick never did see the need to give
up on a garment just cause it showed a little wear.)
helps another young co-ed get her "T-back" thong 'just right'.
Rick has been a master of 'shape-shifting' ever since
he studied with that woman in Ojo Caleinte' years ago.
I'm jealous.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dazzel 'em with bullshit...

There comes a time in every ones life when they realize that they missed their calling. People tend to flounder around searching for some meaning to life. This search will take them to many strange places and introduce them to strange characters. But not our boys! They knew exactly what they wanted and they reached for the stars with the forming of their band "The Furious MacDads." They played to packed garages all over the Heights in Albuquerque and loved the chicks. The band ended up splitting over creative differences, Martin demanded the "pink" stacks because they would match his "guy liner" but Jones would not give them up. The band lasted 12 weeks.

The gangs all here...almost

In 1976 when this journey begins, the three of us are bald faced kids without a clue.
Rick was an artistic type and I was the outdoors freak who loved climbing and Martin had a huge afro.

While Rick and Vance would down gallons of beer, Martin preferred soda and the occasional Vodka and orange juice.

Martins shenanigans were endless. These hijinks stopped after the awful "Clocken bocker" incident at his parents house. Martin laid low for a while....

But, like all things in this universe, life is a ring and things always come around again, even Martin.

Martin...enough said.

Martin has had many styles and interests over the years. Starting in the '70's.
Martin joined all the animal groups decades before it became fashionable and hip.

Martin even had some identity issues for a spell but was a hell of a stewardess and Extreme skateboarder.

All this to say...welcome back Marty!