Saturday, November 21, 2009


Some of you may remember last year I told
how Rick and I had worked on a dairy farm
in Belen, New Mexico for a year disguised as
women. We just had to lay low for a while.
Well, all these years later I find out that Rick
is up to his old tricks again. Posing as a college
co-ed, Rick managed to bluff his way into a R.A.
position at the all girl dormitory.

Rick, seen here (wearing the same t-shirt from
27 years ago. Rick never did see the need to give
up on a garment just cause it showed a little wear.)
helps another young co-ed get her "T-back" thong 'just right'.
Rick has been a master of 'shape-shifting' ever since
he studied with that woman in Ojo Caleinte' years ago.
I'm jealous.

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