Friday, April 3, 2009

From childhood to....whatever

As a child lion tamer, my life was fraught with fear and excitement all rolled into one. I had that job with Barnum before he met Bailey as we toured Nebraska and Kansas fairgrounds and revival tent meetings.
My next job was a Calvin Kline underwear model for kids until that darn Brooke Shields showed up at 13 and showed the world that kids don't need to wear underwear. Then as a freckled faced boy with blonde eyes and blue hair, I was a spokesman for Clearasil. (see first hint of acne). I grew weary of the long hours and decided to become an artist with a flair for the absurd. This photo was taken of me by the famous photographer Vincent La Juan Perrie in 1970. I often think about my life and reflect on all the changes that have come along. Girls, dope, friends, motorcycles and hot and cold pressed art board, god, it's a wonder I can think at all. When asked about my past I simply smile and say, "I wonder if fish ever get tired of eating seafood?"

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why I don't ride

I love motorcycles. As long as they aren't Harleys riding right next to me -- I'm sorry, but that "Trademark Harley Sound" hurts my ears. I understand the reason for it. Sort of. And my apologies to Harley riders everywhere.

But that's neither here nor there... (Well, technically, "everywhere" is both here and there.)....

Anyway, the above photo is from the last time I rode a motorcycle. Note to self. When escaping the Nazis on a stolen motorcycle, keep away from sharp objects and barbed wire.

When they made a movie of our life

Only the good doctor...

Only Hunter Thompson could pull off wearing knee-high sweat socks on a Harley and make it somehow look cool. The dude wasn't exactly a fashion maven, but as I was looking through some photos on the Hunter S Thompson page on Facebook, I realize that he's the reason I've still got a closet full of Hawaiian shirts.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009

American Gothic, sortta

I'll leave the creative art work of Rick to add the pitchforks
"Do you in fact have any "Moonpie" at all?
"No, sorry. I've deliberately wasted your time."
And now for something completely different. My daughters, Lia and Ryan are doing well and I was able to see them both in North Carolina this weekend. I was also able to finally met Harry, Ryans man. Harry is a really cool guy with a very artistic background. we almost bored the rest of the family to tears with discussions of painting styles and artists. My girls are still as goofy as ever and I would be disappointed if they ever changed. Janet and I had a great trip and are happy for harry and Ryan. The grand kids were running around doing what grand kids do and they are fine as well. Welcome to the crew Harry.
*writers note. You to can own the very same 'Moonpie" t-shirt that I'm wearing. Check our online store.