Sunday, March 29, 2009

American Gothic, sortta

I'll leave the creative art work of Rick to add the pitchforks
"Do you in fact have any "Moonpie" at all?
"No, sorry. I've deliberately wasted your time."
And now for something completely different. My daughters, Lia and Ryan are doing well and I was able to see them both in North Carolina this weekend. I was also able to finally met Harry, Ryans man. Harry is a really cool guy with a very artistic background. we almost bored the rest of the family to tears with discussions of painting styles and artists. My girls are still as goofy as ever and I would be disappointed if they ever changed. Janet and I had a great trip and are happy for harry and Ryan. The grand kids were running around doing what grand kids do and they are fine as well. Welcome to the crew Harry.
*writers note. You to can own the very same 'Moonpie" t-shirt that I'm wearing. Check our online store.


  1. WOW you are all looking so happy and GREAT!!! Glad you got to see the "fam"/// Grandkids are the VERY BEST!!!

  2. I have a crazy family and I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks.


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