Friday, December 4, 2009

Jobs we have now....

The company I work for got a job at the Susquehanna State Park doing wet land plantings and seeding at the dam repair. The park is really cool and only 2 hours from my house. The campground was closed this time of year but I must come back in the spring and check this place out.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

My brother the biker....

This is Blane, my brother. Back in the day he rode
a KZ650 and tried to "play the game" but soon found
that booze and bikes can f--k you up. He's "all better now"
and has a grip on life and motorcycles are fun again.
I always thought of myself as the "biker" in the family
but Blane has the bug and won't let it go. Right on.

In my day, I had so many bikes, I didn't
know which one to ride. I've sold my last bike
so the wife and I can go camping in the
new Camper Trailer. We dig it.
Ride on brother, be safe and have a blast.
Maybe I need a new bike......