Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jobs We've Had

Here's a shot of Rick's last play as quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. After the involuntary manslaughter charges were dropped, Rick sought medical attention and retired to a life of quiet anonymity.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vance's First and Last Family Vacation

He we see the sole photo remaining from Vance's first and last family vacation. The plucky lad managed to escape over the station wagon's tailgate.

The bears carjacked the family and everyone had to walk home.

Just kidding. The rest of the family was eaten by the bears.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Check Out Rick's Other Shitty Blog!!

Yeah, I'm (Rick, that is) still not posting anything here on Moonpie. That's because I'm not really finding much funny these days. A lot of friggin' change in my life.
SO!! If you agree, OR, if you are feeling TOO happy and want to reign that shit in, check out my shitty blog, The Bad Actor. It's chock full of mental/social/emotional/physical health and wellness tips; sob stories about how life has continued to screw me over; Witty inspirational sayings; scientific articles regarding nutrition, food, depression, and relationships; and a bunch of other crap I've ripped off from other sites. In fact, I've posted more crap there in the past two weeks than I have on Moonpie in the past two years. More or less.

Otherwise, see you back here when I'm on the emotional upswing. Namasté, Bitches.