Monday, October 8, 2012

Check Out Rick's Other Shitty Blog!!

Yeah, I'm (Rick, that is) still not posting anything here on Moonpie. That's because I'm not really finding much funny these days. A lot of friggin' change in my life.
SO!! If you agree, OR, if you are feeling TOO happy and want to reign that shit in, check out my shitty blog, The Bad Actor. It's chock full of mental/social/emotional/physical health and wellness tips; sob stories about how life has continued to screw me over; Witty inspirational sayings; scientific articles regarding nutrition, food, depression, and relationships; and a bunch of other crap I've ripped off from other sites. In fact, I've posted more crap there in the past two weeks than I have on Moonpie in the past two years. More or less.

Otherwise, see you back here when I'm on the emotional upswing. Namasté, Bitches.

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  1. Ironically, this is the blog that reunited Rick and I after many years. I had goggled Ricks name and this shitty blog came up and somehow we connected and jump started the Moonpie shitty blog about nothing.Oh sure, there was suppose to be a story line of traveling to Memphis and Rick joining the Army and me being a severe dick at times but other than that, not much to see here. Rick is going through his dark period now and willprobably be better in about 11 months (he takes awhile) and then Moonpie will be right with nature again. Please, smokem'if ya gottem'. This may take a little time. Meanwhile, please to enjoy and wade through Ricks "The bad actor" blog. I say goodday.


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