Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ricks camper restore project

A few weeks ago I posted a "Before" photo of the camper my wife and I are restoring.
Here's the "After"shot. We're going minimalist on the design. Lots of windows and an "open" floor plan.

Check out the real progress at my How Hard Can It Be? blog.


Blunt Force Trauma

About 5 months ago, Allison and I were taking out a spare room we'd built a few years earlier. I was up on the ladder cutting into some drywall and the next thing I knew, I was on the floor. I thought I'd cut into the electrical with my sawzall and electrocuted myself. My head was pounding and then... then there was blood all over my fingers. WTF?

Well, there was a lot of dust in the room and so I'd left the ceiling fan on. Apparently as I was cutting the drywall, I leaned back into the fan blade.

You know you're a parent when all you can find to put on a bloody gash is a freakin' Tigger bandaid.
This is the worst accident I've had in working any of my DIY projects, so I count myself fortunate.
How we took the sheet metal skin off our trailer without slicing off one of our heads is a miracle in itself.