Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jobs we had...things we did...

Rick and I never became the successful businessmen we had hoped. Probably a good thing we didn't. Our "line of work" was a little sketchy at times and I'm not sure if we knew we were working or not. This went on for several years. This was the period of time that Rick and I.....well, we each followed a different drummer. I didn't see or hear from Rick for years. Many years later when we did run into each other, I believe our initial thought was, "fuck, that dude is STILL alive."
Then we had another "break" in contact until I somehow found Rick on the Internet. This was just before The Moonpie Chronicles went into wide release. Rick had built a site with the intention of doing what we have done for several years now. I was stoked! I felt famous...almost. What a journey. At 53 years of age I'm thinking about jobs, New Mexico and my child-bride Janet. This adventure started in November of 1974 ands is going strong today. Our methods have changed, but the heart has not. Thanks Rick.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Movie posters...

I remember having posters and Movie posters all over the walls of my bedrooms. Some were cool and many were black-light posters. Sorry this one is so small. Click on image to enlarge.