Saturday, May 15, 2010

Can't beat the light from a NM sunset.

My father-in-law passed on about an hour ago. Leukemia. Here's a glass to ya, Big Al. Rest easy.

Return to days gone by...

Rick will be taking a trip to Red River, New Mexico soon and part of the trip will be to find this old abandoned mine shaft that we call 'the cave'. I lived in this old mine for several weeks between jobs in the late 70's. Nothing fancy, mind you, just the typical stone walls and a home-made deck using old trees and slag from the shaft. I had all the comforts of home, what with the macrame wall hangings and such. This photo shows me sitting on my milk crate with bong at 'the ready'. I was also sporting my 'do rag', years before they became popular. I hope Rick finds our old stomping grounds and can add some updated photos to go with this one.

Coming to America...

Like most children from distant and near by countries, the trip they made to America is not remembered. They turn around one day and say, "hey, wait a minute, you mean I wasn't born here?" My dear friend Rick falls into this group. With the help of some friends of mine at NASA, we were able to re-create the crossing that brought Rick to America.
Gunther (Ricks father) hoisted Rick up into the air with one hand and strolled across the street and put the lad down. "There, your in America now....stop crying!"
The rest is of the story is well documented to todays date. I just felt the need to share this beginning with you guys.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Re-post, but who cares....

Being linked to Kiefer is not easy. I'm often charged with crimes he commited.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Said Vance, "I wasn't anywhere near London on the day in question. And Katie Holmes is a lying liar!!"