Saturday, May 15, 2010

Coming to America...

Like most children from distant and near by countries, the trip they made to America is not remembered. They turn around one day and say, "hey, wait a minute, you mean I wasn't born here?" My dear friend Rick falls into this group. With the help of some friends of mine at NASA, we were able to re-create the crossing that brought Rick to America.
Gunther (Ricks father) hoisted Rick up into the air with one hand and strolled across the street and put the lad down. "There, your in America now....stop crying!"
The rest is of the story is well documented to todays date. I just felt the need to share this beginning with you guys.


  1. Knowing my dad, that is probably exactly what he said. It's the same thing he said the day I joined the Army -- "There, your in America now....stop crying!"

    You can't really tell from the photo, but I'm actually about 12 years old. My dad is nearly 9 feet tall!

  2. But for a 12 year old, Rick really pulls off the "onesy" look with style.


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