Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy 93rd, big guy!

Have I related my JFK Premonition story here yet? Remind me on that one.

Is Hollywood really ready for a plus size leading lady?

I just read an article about this new movie starring Queen Latifah, and they ask the question "Is Hollywood really ready for a plus size leading lady?" Excuse me? Are you kidding? Have you seen this woman? I think Latifah is one of the hottest numbers to come down the pike in a long long time! You can take all your scrawny-assed lookalike actresses. I'd pick her any day. She may even become my new celebrity girlfriend (look out Kate(s)!)

He's freakin' gone, man.

Dennis Hopper's gone. 74 years old. Prostate cancer. Wasn't nobody could say "man" like Hopper. Rest easy, Brother. (or as we like to say here "Happy Graduation! and Bon Voyage!")

Friday, May 28, 2010

Whatchoo talking 'bout, R.I.P.?

Gary Coleman died. I beat Vance to a dead celebrety post! Even though I misspelled celebrity.

Coleman was best known for his roles as Little Eddie on "The Courtship of Eddie's Father" and as the irascible Eddie Haskell on "Leave it to Beaver."

His signature line, "Whatchoo talkin' bout, Willis?" was funny for the first 5/100ths of a second after he first uttered it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

OMG! It's National tap dance day....

On this great day, we see what Tap should really look like.
And Tony Danza, well, who doesn't like Tony Danza, especially when it's a 'Tap Extravaganza'! Tap has been part of the American culture for....well, a long time. The original members of Moonpie were in a Tap Group way back when in good 'ol Albuquerque. We were simply known as "The Cowboy tappin' chaps". We tapped at rodeos, county fairs and Tupperware parties throughout the southwest. Jones and Martin hated dancing but Rick and I were just silly with it. There was just no stopping us. Oh man, the spurs, the fringe and red piping on our shirts, our hats, I loved it all. But like everything else, the troupe came to a screeching halt when Rick said, "hey, wait a minute.....this blows." The three of us left the dance studio in tears while Rick crumpled up his cowboy hat and tossed it in the trash can.

Martin, Vance, Rick, Jones circa 1966

Monday, May 24, 2010

"Everybody must get stoned...."

63 years old today, Bob Dylan. I'm talking like Larry King right now. Real name Zimmerman, but we knew that years ago. Today he looks 80. He looked much better in this photo, I like the hat. I saw him in Albuquerque years ago.....he was religious. Kept everybody waiting for an hour while his band sang hymns...didn't like it. No refunds on tickets, I asked.

What the hell, happy birthday 'Zim'.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

So, how did you guys get started?

Rick and I have been invited to 'interview' with Blog Interviewer. Nice. The Moonpie Chronicals was mentioned as a favorite blog by a previous interviewie. Did I spell that right? Anyway, thanks for the support and I've deligated the duties to Rick at the west coast office of The Moonpie Chronicals to supply all the important facts for this job. And for you 69 followers, (hee hee, the number is 69), thanks for coming along for the ride. Onward and upward!