Friday, June 4, 2010

This is the infamous gold mine. More when I return to Abq.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Red River ski report. 3 inches of dirty snow. melting fast.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Moonpie, not just for hip adults anymore....

On a recent Moonpie Mixer, Vance was entertainment for the young ones. Holding court on a trampoline, I told of the vast wisdom to be gained from becoming a follower of The Pie. The kids left and ate candy, and I kept thinking, "If I can only reach one more....".

Actually, the wife and I were camping at some friends house this weekend and the little girl is our granddaughter. The two boys were made of wax paper and filled with burritos. I have no idea where our hosts bought those things.

*note the Moonpie t-shirt.

Recent photos of the creators of moonpie online

Rick and Vance met up recently at the annual Moonpie Online Blog Board of Directors' meeting -- a week of fun in the sun at the Squattenpee Tribal Resort* & HardRock Casino Travelodge near Lincoln, Nebraska.

*the Squattenpee Tribal Resort is the place to go for plenty of celebrity cow-tipping and cornhusking fun!

First Day of Class

I'm teaching again this summer.UNM has a pretty high acceptance rate, so we get some of the tougher students. Here's a shot taken of me on the first day of classes. I asked the students if anyone had seen the movie "Stand and Deliver"? About half of them raised their hands. Then I picked up the chair and heaved it over their heads across to the back wall where it fell with a clatter. "Well in my class, it's Sit and Shut the f**k up! I usually don't have any trouble with them after that... except for that one guy who caught the chair in his teeth and spit it back at me. He became the teacher's pet.