Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Clerg and Veed

Due to the fact that one of these gentlemen is a fine upstanding citizen now, we'll not name him. The other one is Vance, though, so all bets are off there. This is at the top of the spillover dam across the street from Alan's house.


BAKED. (verb pp)We were going to write a definition of the word here, but this picture just says it so much better.

Rallye Racing Days

The previously posted photo of the Porsche 911 reminded us of our earlier Rallye Racing days. Here's a photo of Vance and I in our NORML-sponsored Opel Kadet -- getting a fair amount of air ourselves.Those were some great days. Note Rick (as Navigator) trying to refold the gas-station roadmap.

Cher now

I guess it would be pertinent to post this photo I snapped from a celbrity gossip magazine of Cher and, I think, Christina Aguilara.

Just call me Mr. Papparazzi.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Our rides.....then and now

Is this picture cool as hell or what! The American dream in the 70's.

Enough said. I should get another motorcycle and ride until I can't hold the darn thing up. Evel Knievel was / is a true legend in motorcycle jumps. This guy was CRAZY, in a good way. His son Robbie jumped for a time but never got the fame and attention that his father achieved. Only one problem with his career, no retirment plan. F... it. Live large and die broke. What a guy. Is Evel dead yet? I think Evel should jump 30 motorcycles with his scooter!

What people wore....

Ok, I'll admit I had a crush on Cher in the very early years of their TV show. She was cool.
This pair seemed to be so happy and always joking around with each other. Their clothes were either comfortable hippie shit or some wild ass outfit a Hollywood designer threw on them at the last minute.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ooooooh, SNAP!!

Sweet Delicious Irony.
see more Friends of IronyYou just can't make this shit up.

That ain't no Allanis Morrisette Irony, boy!

see more Friends of Irony

What the hell? Why not?

Wouldn't you just love to say, for once in your miserable little life, that you got three feet of air in a Porsche 911? Just once?I know I would.

Balancing Stuff on a Vehicle: There's never been any reason

Vance's last post there got me thinking about stuff. You know, like balancing stuff. Like hogs on a Honda or ganja on a flatbed. Or balancing your personal life with... I mean, sometimes you just gotta cut loose and be irresponsible.

Ergo, I just want to thank The Stevage for his little Christmas gift. No, it's not this album. Or the truck. Just a bit of the cargo, leaving me with some fine memories of days gone bye.

Or, as Head East said (in a totally different context) "Bring a good feeling ain't had in such a long time. Save my life, I'm going down for the last time."

Puff-puff-pass, indeed!