Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Clerg and Veed

Due to the fact that one of these gentlemen is a fine upstanding citizen now, we'll not name him. The other one is Vance, though, so all bets are off there. This is at the top of the spillover dam across the street from Alan's house.


  1. A look into fashion history. Clerg is wearing the true 'desert' boot of the 70's with the gum soles. I am wearing, get ready for this, blue 'track' tennis shoes with the white stripes on the sides (they made you run faster). I also have my favorite 'silk-screened' t-shirt of the day showing the downhill skier in the full tuck while air-borne. Both of us sported the "bells".

  2. I believe that the shoes Vance is referring to were called "Starsky & Hutch Shoes" because they were worn by the Starsky character on the TV show.


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