Thursday, September 24, 2009


I find it ironic that Cougars are all the 'rage' now days.
I remember the movie "The Graduate" and thinking, wow!

And then Peg came along and it was all over. The 'mother' of all cougars. But the 'craze' has hit for the 'young bucks' of today. Back in the 70's and 80's, the very idea was taboo. But any guy who says he didn't have a friend with a 'hot mom' back then is a liar. The idea has been around for as long as the beginning of time. But ssssshh, don't say a word, you might get in trouble. Suffice to say, hanging out at the pool in Memphis when I was in high school was, But today when they speak of cougars, I find I'm as old or older than the said cougar. Oh well, I'm very happy today and just sit back and watch all the 'excitment' over the cougar rage today.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One of a kind..

All I can say about the Chevy Luv truck is that this vehicle was probably the most fun I ever had driving in my life. It may of had something to do with the people who shared the rides with me. Man, I miss that truck.

That's right, we bad...

Rick and Vance were the first to sport the latest fashions at Eldorado High school and man did that back fire! After the first day of wearing the red shoes, everybody had them, same with Ricks kick ass hat. We went to the mesa to discuss our problem and decided to ditch the 'hip' clothes and go back to jeans and mountain boots. In a ceremony of new thinking, the two burned their new clothes and were amazed at how fast polyester burned. When the smoldering heep fizzeled out the two looked at each other and relized their error.
"We had to wait until nightfall and then scurry home in the dark in only our underwear," Vance said. "Not our proudest moment." Rick added.

Jobs we had...

When Rick came to America, life was not so easy. His uncles taught Rick the wrestling business and bought him a sport coat at the thrift store. Rick went on to amass a small fortune sewing sequines on speedos and capes for the wrestlers and their zany managers. After about 6 years of the 'high life' Rick called it quits saying, "you can only be around half-naked men for so long before you relize there has to be another way to earn a living." Moving from New York to New Mexico and changing his name to 'Diamond Jim', Rick opened a chain of pawn shops along the Indian resevations and became the jewlery and silver baron that he is today.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jobs we have today...

It's funny to drive one of these machines down 11th st. N.W. in the Nations Capital. We are doing street trees for the District. I decided to get in the machine and do what fat white guys do....yell at Mexicans. Actually these are the best guys around and the photo was set-up for my screensaver. See ya on the next job. Oh yeh, my assistant MJ and I saw a hooker steal a bicycle outta the back of a pickup truck and haul ass away.......literally, hauling ass.