Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One of a kind..

All I can say about the Chevy Luv truck is that this vehicle was probably the most fun I ever had driving in my life. It may of had something to do with the people who shared the rides with me. Man, I miss that truck.


  1. Man, it really was an awesome vehicle. It would be fun to find one to restore. Unfortunately, I think most of its owners treated it about the same as you did yours!

    The truck I drive today is basically the 1999 version of the LUV; a GMC Sonoma/Chevy S-10. It certainly meets all of my hauling (and testosterone-displaying) needs.

  2. The GMC Sonoma 'is' basically a Chevy Luv. I think it kicks ass that you ended up driving something so simalar. Right on.


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