Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jobs we have today...

It's funny to drive one of these machines down 11th st. N.W. in the Nations Capital. We are doing street trees for the District. I decided to get in the machine and do what fat white guys do....yell at Mexicans. Actually these are the best guys around and the photo was set-up for my screensaver. See ya on the next job. Oh yeh, my assistant MJ and I saw a hooker steal a bicycle outta the back of a pickup truck and haul ass away.......literally, hauling ass.


  1. Dude!! You are so living the dream! What man -- if he truly is a man -- has not dreamt of doing this? (No, not the yelling at Mexicans, driving a Bobcat down a city street.)

    Honestly, I think every man would have one of this sumbitches in their backyard if they could only justify it to their wives.

    (Hauling ass! Snicker!)

  2. I love the photos, but you really should have done one with the bucket raised, and the workers falling back in terror as if they were about to be run over.


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