Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jobs we had...

When Rick came to America, life was not so easy. His uncles taught Rick the wrestling business and bought him a sport coat at the thrift store. Rick went on to amass a small fortune sewing sequines on speedos and capes for the wrestlers and their zany managers. After about 6 years of the 'high life' Rick called it quits saying, "you can only be around half-naked men for so long before you relize there has to be another way to earn a living." Moving from New York to New Mexico and changing his name to 'Diamond Jim', Rick opened a chain of pawn shops along the Indian resevations and became the jewlery and silver baron that he is today.


  1. Plus we've got guitars, .22 caliber pistols, prosthetics, dentures, "gently used" wedding rings, Mr. Coffee Coffee makers -- your choice, just $49.99. Mix and Match for $99.99.

    That's right, I'm "Diamond Jim" Rick and I'm making insanely illegal deals at Pawn Pueblo!

    Come on down this Saturday for our Wackadelic Sale-a-bration. We'll have Coca-Cola and balloons for the kids, a genuine Tijuana Donkey show,The headless woman and the legless man will be singing Lithuanian folk ballads. Bring the whole family! Spring gramma from the alzheimers unit. Bring the dog. The cat. The canary. You got dirty laundry? bring it down because we'll have washers and dryers set up in the parking lot!!

  2. And don't forget the "left nostril" inhalers complete with your State Motto imprinted on them!


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