Friday, January 7, 2011

A simpler time, 1970....

Remember Michale Parks? Man, I sure do. The T.V. show, "Then Came Bronson" was on from '69-'70. A dude just drifting up and down the west coast on his bike. A seeker.
Bronson always entered in some off-road scramble or hill-climb trying to make an extra buck. "You don't work, you don't eat", he'd say. The other trademark phrase for the series was, "Hang in there."

This photo shows what was required to be a cycle tramp in 1970. A bike, bed-roll and a chick. What has happened to America since then?
Ride on...."down that long, lonesome highway".

I got shoes, babe..... wife has 30 gazzillion pairs of shoes (if I'm lying, I'm dying...), and I find them all over the house. It is as if they are secretly trying to escape during the day and when I return home after work, there are pairs of shoes everywhere! This has nothing to do with Sonny and Cher. I just didn't think I would get you to read this if I had posted a picture of a pair of shoes.

Besides, I'm still a Cher fan. I was like 16 years old when this picture was taken of Sonny and Cher in New York. Excellent display of the cameltoe for mid-seventies!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

OK. I get it. Now it all makes sense.

Working is clearly for chumps.

Your donations at work!

Thanks to all the donations from our recent fund-raiser, we were finally almost able to complete work on repairs of our kleenex dispenser here at Moonpie West. Prior to the repair work you see below, we were using leaves, grass, and gum wrappers. white trash repairs - But Duct Tape is Never Out of Order!
(see more There I Fixed It)

Rick says that if he can raise another 36 cents (doubling the amount previously raised) he can buy another 5inch strip of duct tape and a squirt of WD40 to get this puppy up and running.

When finished, this device will shoot a tissue across the room at upwards of 600 miles per hour!! No more getting up for a kleenex!!

Until then, it's back to using our sleeves as hankies. (As God intended us to, says Vance.)

"Hey boss......"

Thankfully this didn't happen on my job. I've seen a lot of crap in my 25 plus years in the construction biz but this takes the cake. This is how to shut down a construction job for two days so the OSHA people can report the "incident". This falls into the "Oh, shit" catagory.