Friday, June 3, 2011

On the Road

This is outside a totally bitching little cafe in Tesuque, NM, about an hour after we came tearing balls out down Bishop's Lodge Road on our bicycles. This was when I found out that, my brakes? They notta so good, eh?

The trip was fraught with adventure including -- about an hour after this was taken -- losing my riding partner. More on that later.

I just want everyone to note the Sporty Moonpie Jersey, which is still available from our online store. This original won't be there for long, so get yours now!

Oh....that crazy Rick...

Rick, who's talent never ends, is seen here with '60's television great Popo Gegio from the Ed Sullivan show. I was so mad that Rick had a cool fringed jacket and long hair. Canadians....what ya gonna do?