Thursday, April 28, 2016

The old neighborhood...

I live 3 blocks from the Frontier at the corner of University and Lead. Steve and I would make our way over around 9:30 pm for coffee and a doobie. Used to be open 24 hours a day I believe in the really old days but now just stays busy between 6am to 10pm. Famous for the cinnamon buns but also had the best juevos ranchero with green chili.

Dive eats on the road, New Mexico

When in Abiquiu, New Mexico, be sure to stop here for a "burro" and a beer. They are open and closed all at the same time, 24/7. Good eats.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Rick would follow his father for miles on only 2 wheels. He became so adept at this riding skill, he joined the circus. Not for praise or the money.....
it was the only place he could find "Cup-of-Pizza". Rick loves Cup-of-Pizza.  He really does, he told me.