Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's almost summer, this could happen to you...

O.K., why is there a guy on this ad instead of a girl? I mean, I know why he would be bummed out....who wants to have sex with a cheese grater?
Anyway, you know Moonpie, we are only here to help. Please be careful this summer.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lancaster County Yeti......

Do not look at his eyes....he'll kill ya. The Yeti from Lancaster county, Nebraska was spotted in the Sangri de Christo mountain range in northern New Mexico last week.
Feeding on stray cattle and trout, the beast carved a path of destruction from Nebraska to Red River, New Mexico. This Yeti has not been seen for almost 27 years but is believed to be the last of his tribe. 35 years ago researchers trapped and feed the creature micro-dot acid and gallons of beer at a facility near Elephant Butte Lake in an attempt to kill him, it didn't work. He escaped and has been on the run ever since. BEWARE!

We worked our way up.....

After many years just bumming around, Rick and I found a job that we could sink on teeth into, antenna repairmen. At first, it was scary but we got over that. Each day was different and we always got a good laugh out of who was going to shit their pants first. A normal day went something like this:
Vance: "where's the screwdriver?".
Rick: "fuck, I left it in the truck. Go get it Vance."
Vance: "blow me dude, I got it last time."
Rick: "well hell..."
Vance: "hey, did you bring the plastic bag?"
Rick: "what for?"
Vance: "I gotta shit..."

What can I say, nothing beats working with your best friend.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Old bikers are sentimental.....

While shopping with the wife today, I came across this little treasure. It is a kids picnic plate with a Sting-Ray bicycle on it. I paused to reflect on my old bike that I had as a child. Then I bought 15 plates and went home. Not really, I had the wife take a picture and then we left. Hmmmm...