Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We worked our way up.....

After many years just bumming around, Rick and I found a job that we could sink on teeth into, antenna repairmen. At first, it was scary but we got over that. Each day was different and we always got a good laugh out of who was going to shit their pants first. A normal day went something like this:
Vance: "where's the screwdriver?".
Rick: "fuck, I left it in the truck. Go get it Vance."
Vance: "blow me dude, I got it last time."
Rick: "well hell..."
Vance: "hey, did you bring the plastic bag?"
Rick: "what for?"
Vance: "I gotta shit..."

What can I say, nothing beats working with your best friend.


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  2. It was worse before we caught onto the plastic bag idea.

  3. When we first started in the antennae bidness, weren't nothin' but a bunch a indians a runnin' around a whoopin' and a hollerin'. Buffalo shit ever'where. We made this bidniss what it is.

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  5. Hey Gucci shit, go fuck yourself. Put that in your Gucci puss-hole! If anyone who visits Moonpie, and you buy Gucci.......I'll bring you into a world of pain....


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