Thursday, January 6, 2011

Your donations at work!

Thanks to all the donations from our recent fund-raiser, we were finally almost able to complete work on repairs of our kleenex dispenser here at Moonpie West. Prior to the repair work you see below, we were using leaves, grass, and gum wrappers. white trash repairs - But Duct Tape is Never Out of Order!
(see more There I Fixed It)

Rick says that if he can raise another 36 cents (doubling the amount previously raised) he can buy another 5inch strip of duct tape and a squirt of WD40 to get this puppy up and running.

When finished, this device will shoot a tissue across the room at upwards of 600 miles per hour!! No more getting up for a kleenex!!

Until then, it's back to using our sleeves as hankies. (As God intended us to, says Vance.)

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