Friday, November 20, 2009

The gangs all here...almost

In 1976 when this journey begins, the three of us are bald faced kids without a clue.
Rick was an artistic type and I was the outdoors freak who loved climbing and Martin had a huge afro.

While Rick and Vance would down gallons of beer, Martin preferred soda and the occasional Vodka and orange juice.

Martins shenanigans were endless. These hijinks stopped after the awful "Clocken bocker" incident at his parents house. Martin laid low for a while....

But, like all things in this universe, life is a ring and things always come around again, even Martin.


  1. Bien Venido, El Senor Masquill. Donde esta Martin? Martin no es en la biblioteque. Martin es en la cafeteria. Bien. Bien.

  2. No Pepe', Masquill es in la Arizona! Es verdad!


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