Saturday, November 21, 2009

2500 vistors and counting...

The accounting firm of Skipjack and Paddywhack has just informed the Moonpie staff that they have now gone over 2500 visitors to the "Pie". Vance was notified at work and said, "this is a dream come true. I never would have dreamed that two balding, pot bellied guys could attract the masses." Rick was unavailable for comment, a spokesperson said something about a sorority bash. Martin and Jones have not been reached for comment at this time. Vance continues, "This all started as something for Rick and I to pass the time, but now we must ramp this puppy up a notch or two. We have an obligation to make people smile at themselves."

"I check into Moonpie just before I go to bed every night." - L.L. Cool Jay

" I laugh my ass off reading this shit." -Prince Charles

"I read everything." - Sarah Palin

Hey, we are just having some fun in a goofy world, stay tuned and thanks for looking in on us.

Peace- the Moonpie Staff.

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