Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas...

Hoping everyone has a great Christmas from the East coast Moonpie staff, (that would be Vance). Rick also hopes that everyone everyone West of the Mississippi river has a great time as well.* What a friggin year....I've never been so broke in all my life. Thankfully, money isn't everything, (sure, we believe you), and I plan on having a great December and super New Year. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by for a look and a laugh. The Moonpie Chronicles is in for some changes in 2011. We have no idea what that could be....perhaps a return to the Moonpies humble beginnings. Maybe we'll give away a new BMW or Mini Cooper, maybe not. Just stay tuned and again, thanks. Peace.

* I have no idea what Rick thinks....just typing out loud.

I totally concur with what Vance said. (RIck) Also my eyeballs are bleeding from not nearly enough sleep.

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