Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rick's always showing off....

Rick had a habit of showing off on his bicycle in order to 'get' chicks in High School. Oh, Rick would do the most amazing stunts and wheelies and shit...I got so sick of watching him get all the girls.
So, on night I went to the field where rick would do all of his stunts in front of the girls and I dug a small trench and filled it with super glue. At 2:45 pm the next afternoon, all the chicks were laying on the grass to watch Rick do 'his thing'. Rick was going about 20 mph when his bikes front tire found the small ditch I had dug.......enough said.
I laughed for a week. Oh, sorry about that Rick.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, that's the story Vance LIKES to tell about this photo. The fact is that I was able to RIDE like this, so great was my muscle control.

    The real problem was that after about ten minutes of this riding, my hands would become locked to the handlebars and, though the chicks flocked around me like water to oil, I was unable to do anything about it.


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