Monday, March 22, 2010

11th season of Dancing With the Stars...

Rick and I were professional dancers on the Duffeys Tavern Dance Troupe in 1977 right out of High school. Forget for a moment that I went to Colorado Institute of Art and Rick was serving in the Army that year. None the less, we worked long hours in the studio and started teaching new students. After one year, we formed a team call "The Rick and Vance and a chick with a stinky bandage around her foot Trio". Oh, the fun we had. But, like all good times, they came to a screaching halt after only 4 months. The chick OD'ed on Oxy's because she said she was too fat, Rick sold his Duffeys jersey on E-bay and I signed a multi-million dollar deal with the NBA selling black and red sneekers. All this, 10 years before Oxy's, E-bay and Black and Red Air Jordons were invented!

I still have my white dancing knickers.

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  1. Hey!! I posted a whole long reply here!! Where the fuck did it go?


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