Friday, March 26, 2010

Trucks We Wanted

Over the year and a quarter since we started this blog, Vance and I have posted many of the old cars and trucks we've owned -- or currently owned. But this here is a truck that I think we could both honestly say we'd love to own. Certainly, with age, we're smart enough to know that it couldn't be our primary vehicle. This stepside Jimmy is more of a "statement" truck*.Taoseno Jimmy2 (Click Photo to see the big picture.)
Dig the faded red primer finish, handbuilt wooden bed rack, original chrome -- including moon hubcaps, Split front windscreen, half a ton of Bondo, and (though you can't quite see it) a 1970s vintage "Jesus is the way" window decal. This beauty was spotted at the Earthship community in Taos, NM and fit in quite nicely with the spirit of the place.

*The statement is that "I'm a hippie and blow a lot of dope."

1 comment:

  1. Right on. I would kill for a truck like this.


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