Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rick and the Military

Before the U.S. Army, Rick did a brief stint as a WWI Flying Ace. Fact:That war had been over for 50+ years.
Fact: Rick was 12 years old
Fact: Rather than the Maginot Line, this was suburban Rochester, NY.
Fact: The supposed "machine guns," though synchronized, were in fact nothing more than empty caulking tubes covered with aluminum foil.
Fact: Rick and his friends were successfully sued by Fokker aerospace for defaming the good name of Fokker with this travesty of aerodynamics.
Fact: Fokker. That's a funny name.
Fact: None of this seemed to bother either Rick or the German government.
Fact:Like most of Rick's schemes, this one never really got off the ground.
Fact: What a dork!


  1. This cute photo of Rick is disturbing to me. I'm not sure if it's the buckle on his boots, the kerchief or maybe the swastika painted on the side of his plane.
    What were your parents thinking?

  2. They weren't thinking. That was the problem. As for the swastika, well, that certainly wasn't "period" as they say. Wrong war. Also, not noted here is that along with the buckles on the boots, I was wearing -- I shit you not -- black socks and shorts. How German can you get?!


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