Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dude's got some nads


  1. You are hired, when can you start?

  2. Gotta agree w/Ryan D... You boys and your site "is the shit" glad I came across it. From the name; "The Moonpie Chronicles" to topics, the time n era you talk about, what/who you support, your store... bad-ass site all-around. Not bad for a couple of white boys who would have only talked to me in high school if we were assigned to each other in a biology lab or some such torturous deal. From me, class of 75. Go Knights!!!

  3. Is Del Norte in the house? Welcome and thanks for the comment. Stay tuned.

    You're right Bruce, with a last name like DeLaRoza, Rick and I would have been quick to deduce that you are from Finland and we don't really care for Fins. We'll make an exception in your case.

  4. Or with a name like "Ipiotis" for that matter.

    Bruno, Bruce, or Mary Ellen; we still woulda dug ya!

    I had a huge crush on my biology lab partner. Her name was Katy and she was adorkable. She always told me how her mother said "Katherine, you laugh like a goat."

    Thanks for being a follower, Bruno. We hope to see more comments from you about those golden daze of yesteryear.

  5. By the Way, Bruno -- We've added your blog to our "Links We Dig" section.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Sorry about the 'Bruce' thing. I was so excited to have another follower, I forgot how to read and spell.


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