Friday, March 20, 2009

We took a different trail

After high school and a failed attempt at art school in Denver, I became the biker who could repair typewriters. At this time I was working for Albuquerque Public Schools as a repairman for the typewriters in the high school classrooms. I also was drifting down another path that would get real weird, real fast. Meth was all the rage and I was knee deep in the shit. I left the repair gig and went to work in a motorcycle dealership where I met Swanny. We rode all over the state with some 'colorful' characters and partied down. I'll be going into this era of my life this weekend. This was also a strange time for Rick and I and soon after this era we didn't see each other for years. Meth was such a wonderful drug, you could shit-can your life in 11 seconds.


  1. Comment Number 1: Young scooter tramps. You just don't see that much any more. Nowadays you see some 25 year old riding a Harley, and he's likely to be wearing shorts and flip-flops. 99% of the guys you see riding are dads with desk jobs.

    The other 1% are, well, 1%ers.

  2. Comment 2:Meth.
    After I moved back to NM in the early 80s, and just as my first wife and I were dissolving our marriage, mutual friends began dealing meth. One of the mutual friends was my future ex-girlfriend, and her and her partner were quick to cut me off.

    That shit is sooooooooo easy to get hooked on. I even got to the point were I didn't mind the amphetamine drip taste.

    But I'd had a couple of other bouts with speed earlier on. When I was 18, just before going to Germany, I was munching white crosses like candy. While In Germany, I got way into this stuff called X-112, which was a liquid amphetamine you could buy at the German drugstores. Both times it took a lot to let go.

    I was living with a different chick in the mid-80s who was into meth on occasion. We had a friend who was a diabetic, (and a meth freak) so we could always get a clean rig from him. I guess I blasted it maybe five or six times. We used to get three or four of us, do up some meth like that, and drive up to the hot springs at 2 in the morning and sit there until sunup. Incredible fucking rush when you shoot it. Too incredible, though.

    I'm glad I got away from that shit. I did heroin once. Snorted it when I was in Germany. I can definitely see how people get hooked on that.

  3. Who's the guy in the middle with the beard? He looks really familiar.

  4. The picture goes as follows; Marie, a woman with a checked past and her then boyfriend/husband "Foot" who blew shit up in the military.The bearded guy is Russel A. from New Jersey who came to Abq. to work at a bike shop. He, Swanny and I all worked at M&M Honda on Wyoming for a while. Next, Swanny and his brother Bruce and then skinny Vance. Note that I'm wearing the latest in 'biker' polo shirts. I was actually at work when this was taken. I just took a small break.

  5. Well I do so remember the craziness with these people and the really strange gal Swanny married, must tell story one day, it is amazing we lived through this as she did not... it was a wild time and a MUST wild ride that we all should of done without.. but hey what did we know.. like the kids that are 20 something now, YES OUR KIDS say they know what they are all about and what is up.. yahhh OK.. what ever.. well I for one am GRATEFUL we lived.. ya-hooo...


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