Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Pats........

Irish women, they run the spectrum from ugly to "very nice." On this holiday, I will let you know that I am half Irish and part Mexican. What a combo, I don't know if I should drink or mow the lawn, prehaps both. Clyde Kelly was my great, great grandfather who homesteaded in what is present day Nebraska. Ella Kelly, my great grandmother was in the first graduating class of registered nurses in the state of Nebraska. The Kelly motto, as my cousin Lyle "Kit" Emory would remind us was; You can always tell the Kelly girls, they've ten toes up and the Kelly boys are always ten toes down. Amen!


  1. Love that last quote! Finally we get some of Vance's ancient history. A much more randy history than my own.

    The Mexican-irish lineage reminds me of a character I've been working on for a story, named Jesus Murphy. (It's from an exclamation my mother used when I was a lad.)

  2. "Jesus Murphy on a pony! Rick, get outta 'da kitchen!"

    You mean like that?

    "Jesus Murphy on a crooked crutch Jen, we've no more crackers!"

    You mean like that?

    "Weepin' Jesus Murphy. If your momma was alive to see ya now, she'd die of shame!"
    -Pappy O'Danial

    You mean like that?

  3. Exactly!

    That reminds me of a line form "The War" with Kevin Costner. The old white trash guy starts yelling at his kids. "If your mama could see this she'd come down from heaven and kill the lot of ya!"


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