Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Daughters, what can you say?

At long last, I present Ryan, my daughter. She is only the love of my life (yes, Janet, my wife is the love my life and so is my other daughter, Lia.) Ryan is back in North Carolina and hanging with Harry. Ryan has been the reason that I am even on the east coast. My wife Janet would have never meet me if it weren't for Ryan. I wouldn't be a landscaper if Ryan had not been born. So much revolves around my daughter Ryan, it would be very hard to imagine my life without her being here. I met Ryans mother in the late 80's and Ryan was born into a family with a sister that was 8 years old, Lia. Lia was the coolest kid I had ever met and I knew that we would be friends forever. I once asked Lia if she wanted me to adopt her and give her my last name and at the time she wanted to stay a Saborski, no problem. Both girls were my daughters in my mind. The only 'steps' we had were on the front porch. Ryan, Lia and I went through some very difficult times together but managed to come out the other side in one piece. Lia is living in Ohio and Ryan is ready to embark on a new life in North Carolina with Harry. I'm proud of my girls and wouldn't have them be any other way than the way they are right now. I love you girls. Peace.


  1. Dad, your awesome. I love you to pieces, and I'm glad you met that "crazy" broad I call Mom. I love you more than words can say, and you'll always be the "man" in my life. I can't wait for you to walk me down the aisle. Love you!!!! P.S. This sites the shit!!!

  2. She's just cute as a bug, Vance. You gotta be proud.

  3. Yea, she's a keeper fer sure.


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