Saturday, March 21, 2009

A bikers life, 80's style in Albuquerque

"New Mexico is like a whirlwind, sometimes you don't know whats happening."-William Bonny, aka 'Billy the Kid'
When my little brothers car caught fire and burned up in moms driveway, I gave him my 1972 Caprice Classic. The car still holds some kind of record for being the largest 'land-barge' known to man but he was grateful for the ride. That left me with only my motorcycles and winter was coming. I rode to work on my Honda 750 from the west side to M&M Honda in the heights in a blinding snowstorm with 3" snow on Interstate 40. Swanny said I was nuts and he was probably right. A Little later I was trying to get my life together and quit drinking for a spell. That's when I met Bridget in Arizona. She moved to Abq. where I was sharing a house with a student of photography at the University. The pic's at the bottom show the house by the Univ. that we lived in. The top is a apartment that we had at San Mateo and Montgomery. We were both trying to put our lives back together and it was working for a while. AA meetings, 5th Chapter bike club and road trips. Everything was cool. Some old ways are hard to get away from and I think we both had our own demons to deal with. When we stopped being honest with each other, the old behavior crept back in. I'll speak for me on this, I wasn't being honest and using behind her back. I turned in my patches to 'Big Tom' and kindda hung around with them for a while but it was never the same. Bridget had a friend who was trying keep her straight and that meant get away from me. I came home and she was gone, lock, stock and barrel. Two days later I was in Virginia with my dad and a week after that got help for the problem and said goodbye to meth forever. The biker girl from Arizona went on to get her stuff together and salvage the relationship with her daughter. She even found me through the net and sent me copies of these pictures and my 'ol biker cutoff denim, thanks Bridget. Over twenty years later, I find shes married and happy out west and I'm married and happy out east. Right on.


  1. Cool stuff in there. The apartment at the bottom is no longer there -- bulldozed a while back to become a parking lot. You'd hardly recognize the neighborhood now.

    Thanks for the pics Bridget. I know that I personally have lost so many photos over the years -- I wish someone from my past would shoot me some.

  2. Wow these are amazing pic's, I have NO wrinkles..

    You are welcome, yes I have saved everything from my younger version of myself, so if there is anyone out there needing something I should have it...

    I loved my younger version of me, I had more energy and less sense to know it was not the thing to do..LOL..

    I sure hope Vance you enjoy them, and your vest, a real blast from the past...

    Wish you were not avoiding my emails though... whats up there...

    Anyhow thanks for reliving a bit with me... I wish you and Janet only the VERY best of everything I am so grateful you found LOVE and Enjoyment in your life, you deserve a great woman and it sounds like you got it right this time.. whew-weee .... Ta ta for now all you Moonie's/////


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