Friday, March 20, 2009

Jobs I had

I was employed by Celtic Thunder singers for a summer in 1978. Right after that I became fat, gray and not so handsome. But back in the day, whew! Enjoy the music and catch Celtic Thunder on your local public television channel. Cheers! Check the following link for a sample of my singing.


  1. Glad to see your little girl on here and enjoyed her Dad's writing... I think it is hilarious all the little do dad's on here, crack me up, Ryan looks beautiful... Glad she is happy and she made it OK... Have fun Dad, they grow up so darn fast.. Enjoy her... Arizona

  2. Oh my, he was such a handsome Irish Lad. With the voice of an angel.. Good thing we have PBS so we can re-live his golden years.. today, he is now working on the green green grass of home and his voice is a tad rusty but he still has the eyes of an angel and a butt crack chin..

  3. Snap!

    My wife (who heard his voice on my cell phone from across the room) said he sounds like a DJ. Maybe that's were his talents lie. Lay. Whatever.


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