Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rick's cars #3: The Chevy Panel Truck UPDATE

Here it is. I'll scan this later for a cleaner image -- This is just a photo of a photo.

This was shot out in the forest near Steilacoom, Washington, where Gayle and I were living at the time. The truck was great for going out on the old forest roads -- it was nearly indestructible. We had a couple of chaise lounges in the back for relaxing and we spent a lot of time out in the woods.

You can see the lettering I did on the side. I'd forgotten that I'd also written "East Bhumphuk, Egypt" on the door. That one always got grins at the stoplights.

Something cool to note is that little triangle near the mirror on the door. That was called a "smoker's window." It swiveled open to allow ventilation in the car, or to let out smoke. (Some folks calls it 'Oklahoma Air-conditioning' but I calls it a Sling Blade. MMmhhmmm.) They used to be on all cars, and I can't, for the life of me figure out why they ever got rid of them. I haven't even smoked in 6 years and I still miss them. You could drive in the rain with that thing cracked and not get wet. No chance of that now. Get a clue Detroit! (steps down off of soap bo.x)

Also visible is the Miller Hi Life pony bottle of which I was so fond back then.

I'm dating this picture in 1981. I'd gotten married in 1980, so I know its after that. But, I'm also wearing my $80 (in 1980 dollars) color-changing Ray-Ban glasses that I bought in Germany. I got in a fight with a guy one afternoon and he punched me in the eye, destroying the glasses, and that can't have been to long after this was taken. It also means I was still working in the Mess Hall as the clerk/shift leader. They weekend I got clocked was right before I got moved back over to the Cavalry Troop as a Squad Leader. Also, I think we switched from Miller to Ranier pretty soon after this.

Fashion of the day: Bib overall painter-pants. The bandanna on the head and the lack of a shirt were purely me.

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  1. A few notes here.

    1. The 'baby 8's' were great in the summer because they never got hot before you finished one.
    2. The white with blue striped tennis shoes were very popular back then and we all had them. Yuk!
    3. The bandana and glasses were a Rick 'trademark'.
    4. The white coveralls and no shirt was....well I'm not sure what that was. I venture to say, the days of seeing Rick or I without a shirt are long gone. You're welcome.


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