Friday, March 27, 2009

Moonpie One: Pages 23 and 24

We've gone almost the month of March without a single post of actual pages from the Chronicles. My bad--I am the one with the damn books. I've been busy cranking out my Senior Honors Thesis these past few weeks and haven't been posting as much as I'd like. But here goes....
Pretty simple here. When last we left off, I had just gone off to the army. The time between Page 21 on the last posting and page 23 on this one is about a year and a half.

What happened to Moonpie in that time? Much of it was written down in letters between me and Vance. I don't know that any of them still exist. We used to have a big envelope full of them. Each time they got passed back and forth between us, a few more got lost.

Anyhoooo... On the left, we have pictures of David Lewis and Martin leaping off of something. Notice Martin's skiing form. David is showing off his bare-midriff sweater look. Something that never quite caught on.

Below that photo. Martin shows off his alpha-male status by standing on David Perkins shoulders. (Vance -- please remind me who Perkins was and where he came from. Memphis?)

On the next page we see a postcard that I sent to Vance. Above it is written "Raab-Faber Memorial" It's a panel from Duc du Berry's "Tres Riches Heures," which, as far as I know, doesn't mean the Three Rich Whores. I've drawn a little cartoon balloon from one of the monks that says "Who's got the roach?" Ha ha ha! Get it? Because he's a medieval monk? And he's making a 20th century drug reference? That's rich.

Well, I did a little bit of whaddayacallit, archival de-restoration here. The back of this postcard saw light for the first time in 32 years. I did tear it a little, but no harm done, and it was all in the name of science.

Go to the next post -- which you probably already read by now, for the image and a transcription.

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  1. First, David Perkins is from Memphis and he is Cathys half brother(see next post about Cathy).David Perkins lived across the street from us in Memphis and came to live with his step-mom, Eve for about a year in Albuquerque. Next, the guys are jumping off a telephone junction box at the base of the foothills. and last but not least, did anyone ever find out who did have the roach?


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