Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jobs We've Had, #37 in a series.

Martin and Jonesy joined Vance and I for one early album. We were trying to cash in on the whole Funk scene. Jones sang a funk version of "Splish Splash! I was Takin' a Bath," effectively sending us directly to the remaindered bin at Woolworth's.

I'd totally forgotten this album until I was surfing through the LP COver Lover website. I've actually been going through this site for the past several hours and, it is totally cool/hilarious. From cool jazz and hot bossa-nova acts to kids records and Giant Beehive Christian groups, it's got them all. It's blog-style and you can vote -- and even add your own cover art.


  1. I remember with fond memories the night we flew to Memphis and took a cab to Flagg Brothers and bought our new outfits and shoes. When I saw the purple jump-suit with lime-green piping, I was sold. On the flight back to Albuquerque our plane crashed in Texas and I walked to a curio shop and found this groovy cowboy hat.Ricks helmet had not been surgically at that point but after the plane crash Rick took to wearing lipstick. I thought the shade was perfect for Rick. The accident left Jones with a 'popeye' and Martin received a permanent purple eye which he still has. All in all, a great period in our life.

  2. Thank Jesus that at least one of us didn't suffer brain damage from that crash. I'd totally put it out of my mind.

    I certainly was appalled by the absolute fashion gaffe of my helmet being painting to match your jump suit, especially when I was wearing the hot pink jumpsuit. Pink and Purple together? George Clinton (of Parliament) and I got in quite a copyright infringement suit over that one.

    I guess I should note though that my suit was originally Bright Red! But, the Flagg Brothers, spotting an ofay honky muthafuckah, sold me a suit made in the North Korea. Ten minutes into the first show, I started sweating like the pig I was and all the color ran. Right out there on the stage.I was doing 'shrooms too! Thought I was hemorrhaging blood all over the place.

    The best thing about those pants were the Velcro side panels which allowed for quick access to our "Funk Junk" when the groupies would mob our limos after the show.


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