Monday, March 23, 2009

Mary and Larry, the kids next door

Another perennial favorite was Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry for all the gear-heads in the 70's. "There's nothing they won't try" was the mantra of the 70's as we all remember. You had to dig this movie because "Easy Rider" Fonda was in it and he held a cult status in the 60's and 70's. Again, I have no idea what its about even though I saw this movie at least 3 times. Darn that 1974.

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  1. Both of these movie are bitchin'! I'm trying to think of a few others from that era -- of that genre. The original "Gone in 60 seconds" was cool. "Vanishing Point" also good.

    One that my boss recently lent me (from his collection of Route 66 movies) was "Two-Lane Blacktop" starring James Taylor (Yes, THAT James Taylor) and Dennis Wilson (Yes, Beach Boy Dennis Wilson). Also starring Warren Oates. Kicked ass!

    "The Driver (Taylor) and The Mechanic (Wilson) are two car freaks driving a 1955 Chevy throughout the southwestern U.S. looking for other cars to race. They are totally dedicated to The Car and converse with each other only when necessary. At a gas station, The Driver and The Mechanic, along with a girl who has ingratiated herself into their world, meet G.T.O., a middle-aged man who fabricates stories about his exploits. It is decided to have a race to Washington, D.C., where the winner will get the loser's car. Along the way, the race and the highway metaphorically depict the lives of these contestants as they struggle to their destination." From IMDB


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