Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jaysus, Mary!

Me Mum, Mary, the infamous "Meddy, Meddy, Meddy," turned 70 on Friday. And she's only 19 years older than me. Good god, y'all!

Here's a snap of me and her in Midland, Ontario, Canada in the winter of '58-'59.

Apparently nobody thought anything of taking infants out into the freezing cold back then. In fact, my babysitter used to bundle me up in my baby carriage and park me on the veranda (porch)for my nap. True story. No shit.

This is from a slide my dad recently scanned. It's showing the ravages of age -- note the dark pitting. But the color from that old Kodachrome was awesome. Shot on dad's old Leica.

1 comment:

  1. Rick was such a cute child, it's hard to imagine that he would be left in the cold for hours. Prehaps thats why he never could stand to drink warm beer.

    Fashion note, Rick wasn't wearing a diaper when this photo was taken.


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