Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Freak Wall

A recent archaeological excavation at Eldorado High School uncovered this photo of the Freak Wall dated 1956. "The Grain Weekly" was the high school paper we -- leather jacket journalists one and all -- worked on back then. The name came from the school's original mascot, which was a grain of wheat. Realizing this was not much of a mascot, it was changed successively over the next few years to a hamster, a kitten, a toaster oven, and eventually a beagle. A few years after this last change, our arch-rivals at Manzano High stole the "B" from the sign and we were known ever after (shamefully) as "The Eagles."

In this photo, Rick can be seen on the far right -- leg in a cast as he attempted to evade the draft. The chick in the middle is photography teacher Susan Carpenter. Vance -- just behind her to the right -- is desperately ogling her.

Most pertinent and revealing in this shot, is the young man featured 2nd from the left, Chet "Offsides" Kirby, whose penis apparently grew from his right hip. He and his cousins, Jimmy, Timmy, and Biff Mondragon (3rd, 4th, and 5th respectively), the renowned Siamese Triplets are where the term "Freak" in Freak wall came from.

Probably the two most unusual points in this 1956 photo are the fact that neither Vance nor Rick were born for at least another year and Eldorado High School was not built until 1970.

Remember; Everything you know is worng!

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  1. The thing I remember most about the triplets is that it was so hard for them to buy boots. See, with three legs between them and two of the feet being 'right', they always had to buy two pair of boots and discard the spare 'left' boot. I remember that Susan was also the spokesmodel for the very first Platex 'lift and seperate' bra. She wore it very well. Rick was also a early pioneer of gay rights as depicted by his herringbone rainbow t-shirts.(not that there is anything wrong with that). Actually Ricks cast was made of cardboard and a large tube sock that Rick lifted from a gym locker.As for Chets penis, the odd placement of his member was the result of a motorcycle accident the previous year, ouch!


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