Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The "dude" abides....

"Don't f... with Jesus." No, this is not a Proverb from the Bible, just one of a zillion great lines from this movie. The wife and I watched "The Big Lebowski" tonight and I was sure I must post this. I haven't watched the movie in over 8 years but it still holds up. Dude may be my alter-ego. But I'm finding as I get older, I'm more like the "stranger". Another month or so and my mustach will match the stangers. Hey, I have the cowboy hat, the vest and denim shirt with pearl buttons. "Be careful Dude."


  1. "You want a toe? I can get you a toe, Dude." ~ Walter Sobchak.

    Ah yes. One of the classics. I just watched this myself a few weeks back.(shortly after joining the Albuquerque chapter of the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers at Duke City Fix.)

    I've also written a screenplay (seriously) where one of the characters is a five-year old autistic kid who emulates Jeff Lebowski and only speaks in Lebowski quotes.

  2. I just dig the fact that the same guy plays Jesus in "Lebowski" and is a "Hogwaller" in Brother where art thou. A stretch in charactor acting if ther ever was. I'm right, right?

    "Am I wrong, am I wrong?"-Walter

  3. He was also in the Coen Bros "Barton Fink" and I think at least one other of their movies.

  4. I love this movie! Dad, your my hero!

    "Ve vant da money, Lebowski"

    "Over the line! Mark It! Does no one give a shit about the rules?"-Walter


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